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Let us manage your fleet of mobile devices to ensure you get maximum benefit

Are any of these challenges a major concern for your organisation?

Cost effective mobile device fleet management
How to streamline your device management processes
The ability to implement managed solutions to suit your business needs

We can help you to take control of your devices to enable your organisation to enjoy cost effective and efficient systems and a single point of contact for your mobile device fleet.

Sydney Repair Centre Services prides itself on being the most advanced device fleet management company in Australia. With our online application, complimented by our excellent customer service team and fully qualified technicians, our clients can manage their mobile phones, satellite phones, PDAs and other devices from a simple asset registry to a complete maintenance agreement with agreed Service Level Agreements.

Sydney Repair Centre Services began in NSW and has expanded into Queensland. We are currently planning to expand our business by opening offices in Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand. Our company has been trading for more than 15 years. The quality of customer service exhibited by our organisation has lead to our services being highly regarded by our clients.

Our customers include individuals, small businesses and corporate clients.

Mobile technology is an integral part of any business today. Mobile phones, smart phones, Blackberry devices, PDAs, tablet devices and other mobile devices play a vital role within any organisation. In the fast paced technology resources environment, businesses must understand the importance of implementing the right device fleet to compliment the operations of their business.

This fast growth of mobile technology and continuous device upgrades have created challenges for all organisations in managing their mobile device fleet, ensuring device/data security, billing, etc.

Most organisations have transferred this responsibility down through department levels and even to individual users reducing opportunities for effective cost control and asset management. Alternately, some organisations have chosen to centralise control of mobile device management through their IT, Accounts or Administration departments, however little or no thought is given to whether this model is the most cost effective and productive method of device management or whether staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to produce effective outcomes for the business.

With the development of new applications, ever increasing functionality of mobile handsets, emergence of mobile devices and advances in mobile technology, in conjunction with improved infrastructure such as 4G networks and the NBN, the control and centralised management of mobile assets is becoming a critical part of any organisation’s communication strategy.

A number of large organisations in Australia and overseas have already identified that mobile device management is consuming unnecessary and unjustifiable resources, taking people and departments away from their core functions. These organisations are increasingly seeking external and trusted experts in the field to partner with them to allow cost effective and reliable outsourcing of these functions.

Using a fixed monthly cost model, Sydney Repair Centre Services is an organisation that can provide a complete mobile fleet device management system tailored to suit your company’s needs. Our team of qualified staff have the knowledge, skills and other attributes to ensure your organisation is able to extract the maximum benefits from your mobile devices whilst providing excellent customer service to your staff.

Whether you have an existing provider, or are looking to take your organisation in a new direction, Sydney Repair Centre Services can analyse your business communications needs and provide you with a system that not only meets your present requirements, but also has your organisation ready for tomorrow’s technology.